Me a minimalist?

The other day I was tidying my room and I just said, ” I’ve got to much stuff” I sigh looking at my closed draw with socks hanging out of it waiting to burst open. I’ve realised I had to get rid of stuff, lots of stuff. I only need or really like only a third … More Me a minimalist?


You might of noticed a missed an upload. I’m sorry, maybe you don’t care enough for me to say that. There might be a few missed uploads. Imagine a very busy airport with everybody rushing to get on to their planes, some people shopping some leaving and some excited bouncing around laughing by the fact they … More Worries

Pumpkin patch!+OOTD

As you can read from the title  I went to a Pumpkin patch! I was actually super excited because I’ve never been to one before! I was drastically overdressed for the occasion though; in the morning I decided to wear my new dress which I’m in love with for fun as I thought we weren’t going anywhere and … More Pumpkin patch!+OOTD

Photographing Decay

I’ve always enjoyed photographing decay, I find the results of the photos tend to be quite mysterious and intriguing for some reason. I also find that it’s one of the easiest photos to take and edit especially when I was a beginner. I prefer them in black and white, I either take them with the … More Photographing Decay


Lately I’ve been doing some song writing. “Oooooh Laixica you must be a good singer then!” Wrong! “Ooooooh I bet you write loads of poetry and is great at writing!” Wrong Again! *Very long sigh* To be honest I don’t know where this hobby has come from. Or why I am wasting my time practising singing … More Songwriting