Photographing Decay

I’ve always enjoyed photographing decay, I find the results of the photos tend to be quite mysterious and intriguing for some reason. I also find that it’s one of the easiest photos to take and edit especially when I was a beginner. I prefer them in black and white, I either take them with the … More Photographing Decay


Lately I’ve been doing some song writing. “Oooooh Laixica you must be a good singer then!” Wrong! “Ooooooh I bet you write loads of poetry and is great at writing!” Wrong Again! *Very long sigh* To be honest I don’t know where this hobby has come from. Or why I am wasting my time practising singing … More Songwriting

My unpopular opinions

Hi Guys! Yes.. Today I’m going to talk about my unpopular opinions. I apologise in Advance if I offend anyone because there is a big chance that you’ll probably hate me after this. #Sorrynotsorry I hate Ed Sheeran . Don’t kill me. I think he’s so overrated. Each time I reveal to someone this dark … More My unpopular opinions

Stress free quotes

I’ve been feeling a bit stressed recently, I’m not really sure why. A lot of the time when I’m stressed I just proceed to do nothing aka watching YouTube aka procrastinate life. But when I don’t have a lot of time, one thing I love doing while I’m stressed is to read loads of anti stress quotes! … More Stress free quotes

Summer favourites

Hi! How’s it going? I really can’t be bothered for an intro. You read the title so you know what this post is about. Enjoy! (I just made an intro) Rimmel London lipsticks: These lipsticks are so cute! I love their colour! They are really pigmented which is great! However they don’t stay on for … More Summer favourites