Most socially awkward person ever…

Hi So we can all be socially awkward at times like waving at a person who wasn’t waving at you or mispronouncing a word which resulted in you saying something really dirty.

Well I’m going to share some of my most awkward social situations!


My change of voice.

Whenever I meet new people and they appeal to me, my voice can drastically change, for example if they said something funny I would laugh extra hard and it would be so high that you could tell it was a fake laugh from a mile away, I just can’t help myself. Sometimes I can also try to sound cool by mimicking their way of speech as much as possible, I would use the same swear words or I could agree with absolutely everything they say even if it was something I disagreed with immensely, I would be fuming inside but smiling on the outside.


If I met an over-confident person for the 1st time I would have difficulty speaking to them as I’m quite shy and everyone I’m friends with are not that confident. So I would be startled and get super nervous which would lead to me mumbling every single word that comes out of my mouth a bit like Johnny Depp in his interviews. ( No hate on Johnny Depp, I’m a big fan of his) So you can imagine the great conversations I must have (!)

I started volunteering about a month ago and for the 1st three weeks I could not bring myself to say “thank you have a nice day” to the costumers, I could do and say everything else fine but that sentence was a nightmare! I could only mumble it very quietly like a dying mouse.

My accent

As I have an accent it is sometimes hard for people to understand me especially with my difficulty of saying English Rs. Well since I have been living in England 70% of times I told someone by name they could not understand!  One of my worst memories with my name was when I had to introduce myself to a girl and when she heard my name she just said “I seeee”in such an awkward way that I could tell that she didn’t understand it, this left me blushing and there was a long silence between us. I could tell that she knew I knew.It was super embarrassing, luckily I never saw her again 🙂

Speaking of names one of my volunteers work partners started calling me Emily! (which is not my name of course) I have never told her my name and I havent had the courage to tell her my real name to avoid awkwardness at all costs! But I know the day will come when she’ll call me Emily in front of other volunteers… NOOO 😦

I hope this made you cringe. I know I have while writing this post! What a great way to get to  know me in my 1st proper post(!)  I might do a part 2 of this in the future as I have more stories to tell about my social awkwardness. Do you have any awkward stories?


-Laixica ❤



15 thoughts on “Most socially awkward person ever…

  1. The thing that makes me feel most awkward is small talk in shops. Whenever anyone says “Are you ok there?”, I just think “I was until you started this conversation” and then slowly walk away….
    I guess everyone has their little quirks don’t they 😂

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  2. I don’t have a ton of awkward moments these days, but when I do, they suck! This past weekend I was watching a child who spent the night with my son and I had to meet some of his family members while his mom was out of town, I couldn’t even make eye contact with them because I wasn’t sure how to feel about them or what they would be was super weird! ha!

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  3. Hahahaha I can relate to so much of what you described! I’m awful about introducing myself; I either say it too quietly so that the person has to verify what I said, and others don’t hear me and get it wrong. It’s so awkward 🙈 another great quirk of mine is that I’m very comfortable around my family, with strangers I’m usually mildly talkative but still quite reserved, and then with friends and acquaintances I get really tongue-tied. It’s strange!

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    1. I also often feel like it’s easier talking to strangers than acquaintances, it doesn’t matter if you say something wrong because there is a chance that you’ll never see them again. The human brain works in a strange way doesn’t it.


    1. Hahaha oh nooo that made me laugh! When I used to live in France in my area people would either give 1 kiss on each cheek or 1 kiss on one. I always went for two so when some evil people went for 1 it used to be so awkward😂

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