Rant about how much I love Stranger things.

You have no idea how happy I am of having found Stranger things on Netflix, everything from this show is awesome! The cast, the acting, the setting and the storyline are perfect!

If you don’t want to watch it, we cannot be friends.

At this point in time I’m only 6 episodes in, but I cannot get enough of it! I was over the moon when I found out they were making a second series which they are releasing on Halloween.

Stranger things is a Sci-fi series with a small amount of horror, for people who are scared of horrors this is a good alternative as it contains just the right amount.

Winona Ryder in stranger things is truly amazing! She plays the role of a distressed missing child’s mom. I think she must be my favourite character by far. If you can’t remember who she is she played in Edwardscissorhand which is amazing, in Alien and she also played in Beetlejuice. She’s an amazing actress! The way she plays the worried mom who is slowly going crazy is amazing. If you don’t like Winona Ryder, we cannot be friends either.



Isn’t she adorable?

One of the reasons why I love it so much it’s because of the setting! It is set in the 80s so it’s exactly like those old Sci-fi movies which I adore! They have those massive but super cool walki-talkies, they have 70s furniture which I’m digging right now and they have cool 70s music which they are often jamming too. Oh and I cannot get enough of 70s clothing, I’m glad some of their style have made a comeback in the last couple of years.

The main reason why I love it so much, is most of the time the main reason why I hate many movies. They copied all the of best Sci-fi films and put it into this incredible series! For example they have the stereo typical friendship group: The fat kid, The Black kid, The girl and The main character with his older sister who has a douchebag of a boyfriend. I would normally hate this in ordinary films but in stranger things it looks normal because it is set in the 70s. So the series was inspired by Chronicle, Drillbrit Taylor, Independence day and of course Super 8 which is one of my favourite films, and many more films.

5 Reasons why you should watch Stranger things:

  1. You’ll have a character to relate to.
  2. You know you love Winona Ryder.
  3. Everyone likes mysteries.
  4. It’s a great way to procrastinate life.
  5. It’s amazing.

I love watching it in the evening with a nice cup of tea! Actually… the tea is quite risky because the first time I watched it there was a jump scare and I spilt it all over myself haha, only I would do something like that!

Do you have any series/film to recommend me?

I feel like screaming from excitement after writing this post! I feel so happy just thinking about the series.


-Laixica xx










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