Dying friendship.

I can’t put in to words how much I miss our friendship, it was pure, it was fun and it was nice. It was exactly what I needed in that moment in my life and it was also exactly what you needed. Maybe we don’t need each other anymore. Maybe it is time to move on. Psychologists say that a friendship which last more than 7 years are likely to last a lifetime, we are on our seventh year. Will we make it or is our friendship dying?

I know it’s partly my fault for moving so far away from you. You’ve made new friends, I have too. We have simply changed. Our Skype calls are missing something. They are hollow. Was our friendship only based on gossip? I’m actually scared to see you again this summer. I’m scared that I’ll need to let you go. Don’t worry I am looking forward as well. We’ve grown. Maybe we need to go our separate ways. Maybe we were too different to last, we were completely different.

Even if our friendship is dead I’m glad you were in my life when I needed someone the most. We’ve made beautiful memories. I’m glad you happened to me.



2 thoughts on “Dying friendship.

  1. I can relate to the way you are feeling. I moved away from my best friends through elementary school, middle school, and part of high school and tried to keep in contact over Skype. The conversations started getting hollow as well and we gradually stopped talking. When you move, you both start different lives with new people, new experiences, and yes, new friends.

    Remember that it takes effort on both sides to stay committed to any relationship. So keep up the conversations 🙂 have a great day

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