Tips for photographing flowers (for beginners)

(Before I start this post I’m just going to warn you that I am in no way the best photographer out there, but I have been taking photos for quite a long time so I have learnt a few thing. I have never giving any photography tips before so I’m sorry if you are a professional photographer and that you are laughing at me because I’ve given rubbish tips!)

I find flowers beautiful especially in photographs there are many ways you can make a flower appear through a photo. I’m going to teach you how to make your flower pictures a bit more exiting and less boring. (By the way I haven’t edited any of these photos)


My 1st tip while taking a flower picture would be to make the background look appealing. I know that a boring background makes the flowers stand out, however I love seeing what is beyond the flower. For example if there is more than one flower in the same place don’t only take a picture of one take all of them, what I like to do is to focus on one and have the others in the background.

Cast_20150730_1920_DSC_1297 Cast_20170601_13094_P6010227.JPG


If you can move, if you can squat then you can take pictures of different angles of a flower. Don’t take loads of photos with the boring standard angles, play with the lighting look where the shadows are hitting the flower. You can even take a photo from underneath the flower looking toward the sky.

Don’t do this:

Here you can see that both backgrounds are not very appealing and that they look too simple and boring! This will not look good on your Instagram feed.

Do this:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Cast_20160819_9603_P8190191.JPG

Behind the scenes ( I feel like a professional saying that) I took loads of different photos from different angles and I’m glad it paid off! Never give up, if you think one angle doesn’t look good try another!I know there not the same flowers the ones, that I failed was when I just started getting interested in photography. Normally I absolutely hate buttercups because they are quite hard to photograph but in this picture I finally managed :D!

If you want a bit of a challenge try taking photos of flowers blocking the sun so that their petals are super bright and the sunbeams are more visible, I think those types of photos are stunning.

That’s all folks, I hope you enjoyed these few tips, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments. At the moment I ‘m practising taking photos which shows movement which is a bit tricky but I’ll get there! If I get the hang of it I’ll give you some tips on that.



Quote from a random photographer: Your 1st 1000 photos will be your worst.


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