ARRGH!! I had no idea that this was even a day until a couple days ago! This is such a crazy and pointless idea for a day…but I’m digging it haha! ! To celebrate I’m going to give you 5 great alien films to watch:

  1. Any of the Alien films of course
  2. Super 8
  3. Enders game
  4. E.T
  5. Avatar
  6. Men in black

I secretly really want to force you to watch one of those films today! I’m probably going to have a Men in Black marathon tonight.

Here are some super cute and strange alien art that I found from pinterest because everyone loves art and Aliens:



(All pictures were taken from pinterest)

The last piece of art was my favourite it’s really cool, It reminds me of Men in black for some reason.

Which one was your favourite?

By the way I definitely believe in Aliens, I think it’s impossible that we are alone in so big of a world. So today I’m embracing the aliens!

Do you believe in Aliens?





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