Keeping a Journal

There is something quite special about keeping a journal. Personally I love it! I had a long break from writing in my journal and I regret it so much, I had forgotten how much I loved it! It’s so therapeutic! It’s just like talking to a friend who you can tell anything and doesn’t talk back so what more could you ask for!

I just did a bit of research, it helps a lot with mental illnesses because it helps you gain control of your emotions.

I love looking back at my old journals and cringing so hard, but I also like seeing how much I have been through, especially through those hard time It’s a “We made it” sort of feeling, you just feel so proud of yourself. Sometimes when I write down my problems on paper they just seem so little and meaningless compared to them in my head.

I also love reading the things that I completely don’t remember, it’s like reading about a different person. I might do a post on random things I wrote when I was little.

Although one thing which makes me anxious is someone reading it, that would just be the death of me. At the moment I have a great hiding place so hopefully that will not happen any time soon. I bet when I die someone in my family is going to go through my journals and my ghost will be dying all over again from embarrassment.

There’s a fly in my room and it won’t stop buzzing, why can’t it just stay still!!( I’m angry.)

If you suffer from memory loss, journalling is perfect! Actually you might end up writing the same thing over and over again so if your memory is really bad just forget what I said. I remember watching a documentary in psychology about this guy who couldn’t remember much at all and he wrote loads in his diary and sometimes he would write about how much he loved his wife which I find so cute bearing in mind he had no memory of her, she filed a divorce years later though. I have no idea why I rambled on about memory loss I’m sorry about that.

(There are now two flies)

What I love doing is travel journaling! It’s amazing you can write about all your experiences and fill your journal with happiness. If your into making your journal look pretty you can print photos off and stick them into your diary. I actually really want to do this but it’s quite time-consuming.

You could also write about your dreams and analyse them! This is one of my favourite things to do as dreams interest me so much. It might surprise you how much you can understand about a dream just by writing it down. I have to write all of my dreams down otherwise I forget them.

I just realised that this post was a bit all over the place, It was meant to be a serious formal post, Oh well!

What are your thought on journalling?


(Bits of this post are not to take seriously)





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